Bloggin’ 5.0

Hey there!  This would be the fifth (at least) digital home to my thoughts, which are of course incredibly precious and unique.  Let’s go through a quick history:

MySpace: since deleted–I’d totally provide  a link so we could all laugh and sigh at it, like a picture of me with spiked hair and wearing neon surfer-type clothing in 1989.  Protip: don’t delete your old social networking profiles.  Some Friday night/Saturday morning at 3 AM you will be sitting at your desk, tipsy, and wish desperately you could go back and look at your old pictures and updates.

Blogger #1: The Gettin’ Place.  I took this title from a Cormac McCarthy novel, I believe All the Pretty Horses but I could be wrong.  Could have also been Blood Meridian.  I don’t know.  The quote was something like “Where’d you get that gun?”  “The gettin’ place.”  With that pedigree, one would assume this blog was filled with short violent fiction comprised of words I’d seemingly invented.  One would be wrong.  I talked about politics, “The Real World,” and *shudder* the PedEgg.  I found my pop culture stuff was getting the most traction, which led to

Blogger #2: Popcorn Apocalypse.  This had a good run, and I’m not necessarily done with it.  Early on, if you squinted, it resembled “The Soup.”  I realized eventually that I was being a little mean, and just giving a platform to the vapidity I was trying to annihilate with my free blog.  I went to more generally comedic things, and stuff that was more personal (but still funny, hopefully).  Highlights include the Job Journals, Puppy Journals, and Movies I’ve Never Seen.  Any and all of them may show up here.  I also threw in some fiction, once or twice.  One offshoot of this was

Blogger #3: Will Act For Fame.  Observations about my acting “career.”  I always enjoyed updating this one, when I had a reason to, and got some good feedback on it.  But in that my “career” must always be ensconced in quotations, there’s not much on that front unless I just talk about the complete emptiness and desperation surrounding it.  Yaaaaaay.

That brings us here, to lucky number five.  I thought, I’ve got this site sitting here getting a bit dusty.  I should do something else with it.  Why not make it a little more personal?  Why not heat up my name with some sweet SEO and pingbacks and backlinks and, uh, php?  I don’t know what I’m doing.  But I do know I’ve turned my back on those sweet, sweet cents I earned from Google AdSense over on my old blogs.  Fair price for total ownership, I guess.

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