Babies are…people?

One of the heavier brain benders about having a baby now is there’s this little person suddenly living in our apartment. We’ve had pets for years—first Tommy our cat in 2009, then Omar our frenchie a few years later. Depending on how much you consider your pets members of your family (in our case 100%), your brain may try to drop your baby into the same slot as your cat and dog. This becomes disconcerting when you’re staring lovingly at your baby’s face and you realize he’s staring back in a way a dog and a cat can’t. In other words, when you gaze long at the baby, the baby gazes also into you.

The first time this happened it made me realize this is a person we have here. A new roommate, though one with no motor skills and questionable bathroom habits. He’s looking at me looking at him, thinking about what he sees, trying to draw conclusions and make sense of all the input. Omar on the other hand?

He’s thinking about when you’re going to reach for some food.


Plots our deaths nightly.

Del will eventually have opinions about politics and music and driverless bitcoin cars or whatever the hell 2035 is going to look like. More worrisome is he will have opinions about me. He will think I’m funny or annoying or weird or lazy or condescending or who knows what. Given the positivity my wife and I associate with our own families, I’m not too concerned about how this will end up. But.


That’s a haunting but.

Colin Fisher is many things to many people, but mostly hes an actor and writer.

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