Positivity Index: Eclipse Edition

This week we had an eclipse. It was the best thing that has happened to America in a long time. Listen to the opening of this Radiolab episode for an example of people’s reactions all along the path of totality. Everyone went outside and looked up and turned into children for five minutes. It’s a commonContinue reading “Positivity Index: Eclipse Edition”

The Adventures of Li’l Donnie T: The New Student

One day, after Li’l Donnie’s driver dropped him off at school and Donnie had put away his golden lunchbox filled with Diet Coke, ketchup and cold hot dogs, and he sat down at his seat between his two best friends Steve and Vlad, the teacher told the class that they would be joined by aContinue reading “The Adventures of Li’l Donnie T: The New Student”

Dad Blog: Expectations vs. Reality

I knew the reality of having a baby wouldn’t match my expectations, but even the ways in which it doesn’t match are surprising. I’ve mentioned the relentlessness of being a parent already. I knew that intellectually, but to actually have this new human being in your house for whom you are legally and morally responsibleContinue reading “Dad Blog: Expectations vs. Reality”

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