Dad blog: what’s up with baby people?

I’ve never been what I would consider a baby person. I’ve always appreciated the children of my family and friends, but when I see a baby on the street the general reaction is “ah, that is a person who is new. I’m happy I’m not responsible for them.” Being seated in close proximity to anContinue reading “Dad blog: what’s up with baby people?”

An Open Letter to Mr. Impotent Bighorn

Dear Mr. Impotent Bighorn, I saw you at the end of my five-mile jog today along the West Side Highway.  I was heading south, about to turn onto 56th Street, and I heard an ungodly train horn coming from the traffic waiting to turn left off the highway.  I was deep into Ira Glass talkingContinue reading “An Open Letter to Mr. Impotent Bighorn”

Dad Blog: Bringing Up Baby (in Manhattan)

We are raising our son in a Manhattan apartment. We are not millionaires and our grandparents did not bequeath us a quirky West Village apartment large enough to shoot a sitcom in, so our place is small. I was going to sketch out a quick diagram for this post, but I thought of something moreContinue reading “Dad Blog: Bringing Up Baby (in Manhattan)”

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