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Dad Blog: Classical Baby Physics

Sir Isaac Newton certainly got some things right when he defined the laws of motion, but I’d like to point out a field he overlooked: classical baby physics.  I have a law or two I’d like to tack on to the Principia. Your desire for a baby to avoid an object is inversely proportional toContinue reading “Dad Blog: Classical Baby Physics”

Dad Blog: Expectations vs. Reality

I knew the reality of having a baby wouldn’t match my expectations, but even the ways in which it doesn’t match are surprising. I’ve mentioned the relentlessness of being a parent already. I knew that intellectually, but to actually have this new human being in your house for whom you are legally and morally responsibleContinue reading “Dad Blog: Expectations vs. Reality”

Dad blog: what’s up with baby people?

I’ve never been what I would consider a baby person. I’ve always appreciated the children of my family and friends, but when I see a baby on the street the general reaction is “ah, that is a person who is new. I’m happy I’m not responsible for them.” Being seated in close proximity to anContinue reading “Dad blog: what’s up with baby people?”