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Racism is a System; Prejudice is Human. And you, my friend, are human.

On a story about George Stinney someone recently posted, I saw a comment from a well-meaning white person that said “Racism is pure evil.” Which, sure, but I want to talk to my white friends about why things like that actually do harm to the cause of shifting the thinking of white people who wantContinue reading “Racism is a System; Prejudice is Human. And you, my friend, are human.”

Dad Blog: Classical Baby Physics

Sir Isaac Newton certainly got some things right when he defined the laws of motion, but I’d like to point out a field he overlooked: classical baby physics.  I have a law or two I’d like to tack on to the Principia. Your desire for a baby to avoid an object is inversely proportional toContinue reading “Dad Blog: Classical Baby Physics”

What happens when a white male is sexually harassed

This post contains cable TV-level references to sex.  I’m not sharing this story as any kind of example of men being victims too, or we’re all in this together, or to take anything at all away from the many stories we’ve heard of the variety of inappropriate to illegal sexual situations women are routinely forcedContinue reading “What happens when a white male is sexually harassed”

This is a post about Christopher Columbus, for white people

Another year, another Columbus Day post.  I’ll keep doing this til something changes.   This year, the police in NYC are guarding the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle 24/7, in light of recent incidents involving Confederate statues in other states.  Apparently this statue and another in the park have been defaced recently.  I’m allContinue reading “This is a post about Christopher Columbus, for white people”

An Open Letter to Mr. Impotent Bighorn

Dear Mr. Impotent Bighorn, I saw you at the end of my five-mile jog today along the West Side Highway.  I was heading south, about to turn onto 56th Street, and I heard an ungodly train horn coming from the traffic waiting to turn left off the highway.  I was deep into Ira Glass talkingContinue reading “An Open Letter to Mr. Impotent Bighorn”