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What I’m Thinking About Today

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 1 pre-launch test failure that killed Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Challenger explosion, and Feb. 1st marks the Columbia disintegration. I had no idea all these dates were so close together, though fortunately the actual events were all separatedContinue reading “What I’m Thinking About Today”

Random thoughts on impending fatherhood

We recently went to a class about taking care of newborns. While getting ready to head there I thought I should put on a nicer shirt, so I’d look more like someone who’s ready to be a dad. Like dressing slightly better is the only piece of the puzzle I’m missing right now. I’ve hadContinue reading “Random thoughts on impending fatherhood”

Ken Bone and the Public Predator

During last night’s debate, as soon as they announced that the next question would be from Ken Bone and I saw the man who was saddled with that handle, I had about three tweets ready to fire off. Then I paused. I realized they were just snarky observations about the incongruity between his name andContinue reading “Ken Bone and the Public Predator”

If you’re white and you don’t think there’s a problem…

I’m feeling feelings based on events in the news and I don’t really know what to do with them.  I see comments online, not so much from my own friends but from their friends on Facebook or comments on news stories (why?  why do I keep reading those?) that indicate a lot of white peopleContinue reading “If you’re white and you don’t think there’s a problem…”

Thoughts on the fatal Tesla autopilot accident

I have some thoughts about the fatal crash of an autopiloted Tesla in Florida that occurred on Thursday.  Get caught up here.  Before I say anything about the social implications, I want to say that of course this is a tragic accident and I feel deeply for Mr. Brown’s family.  What a strange circumstance toContinue reading “Thoughts on the fatal Tesla autopilot accident”